How We Met

It was a Sunday afternoon in Dallas, and both Kyle and Laura were at their favorite outdoor bar, Katy Trail Ice House with their respective groups of friends. After a few summer beers, Kyle’s friend (and groomsman) Jake, came over to where Laura and her friends were sitting. He soon after called Kyle over to the table, but Kyle didn’t say one word to Laura, except to ask her for her number upon leaving. Curiosity got the best of her, and she agreed to meet up with him that Thursday with some friends. Quickly realizing there was interest, they met up again Friday night…again Saturday, and then Kyle asked Laura on their first date: a Dallas Stars hockey game. It was an 8 hour long first date, starting at brunch and ending at dinner, and it was clear from that moment on they had found something special. 

Since then, they’ve shared many amazing memories, from traveling to Mexico, Montana, New York, Arizona and Napa, moving from Dallas to New Orleans – and back again, TCU tailgates, hockey games, and more.